Paintings by Ruth Ravitz


These are photographs of watercolor paintings and a few charcoal drawings by Ruth Ravitz (1926-2015). They may they be used without charge for personal, non-profit use.

Cary Ravitz
859-263-5087   (replace _at_ with @)

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painting p001.jpg488k
painting p002.jpg453k
painting p003.jpg908k
painting p004.jpg546k
painting p005.jpg358k
painting p007.jpg446k
painting p009.jpg423k
painting p011.jpg680k
painting p012.jpg605k
painting p013.jpg795k
painting p014.jpg497k
painting p016.jpg115k
painting p017.jpg419k
painting p019.jpg518k
painting p020.jpg650k
painting p021.jpg708k
painting p023.jpg424k
painting p024.jpg885k
painting p025.jpg901k
painting p026.jpg1003k
painting p027.jpg550k
painting p029.jpg511k
painting p030.jpg889k
painting p032.jpg436k
painting p036.jpg681k
painting p037.jpg1074k
painting p038.jpg666k
painting p039.jpg312k
painting p040.jpg631k
painting p041.jpg754k
painting p042.jpg370k
painting p043.jpg665k
painting p044.jpg510k
painting p046.jpg389k
painting p047.jpg376k
painting p048.jpg466k
painting p049.jpg805k
painting p050.jpg1135k
painting p051.jpg909k
painting p052.jpg536k
painting p053.jpg395k
painting p054.jpg537k
painting p055.jpg717k
painting p056.jpg545k
painting p057.jpg951k
painting p058.jpg476k
painting p059.jpg235k
painting p060.jpg663k
painting p061.jpg710k
painting p062.jpg589k
painting p064.jpg501k
painting p066.jpg511k
painting p069.jpg1014k
painting p071.jpg709k
painting p072.jpg878k
painting p073.jpg650k
painting p075.jpg636k
painting p076.jpg342k
painting p077.jpg672k
painting p079.jpg670k
painting p080.jpg892k
painting p081.jpg536k
painting p082.jpg711k
painting p083.jpg514k
painting p084.jpg519k
painting p085.jpg288k
painting p087.jpg795k
painting p088.jpg633k
painting p090.jpg645k
painting p091.jpg415k
painting p092.jpg751k
painting p093.jpg676k
painting p094.jpg673k
painting p096.jpg464k
painting p098.jpg348k
painting p100.jpg677k
painting p101.jpg580k
painting p104.jpg540k
painting p105.jpg664k
painting p106.jpg504k
painting p107.jpg744k
painting p109.jpg249k
painting p110.jpg837k
painting p112.jpg526k
painting p113.jpg715k
painting p114.jpg836k
painting p115.jpg830k
painting p116.jpg499k
painting p117.jpg656k
painting p118.jpg696k
painting p119.jpg1156k
painting p120.jpg200k
painting p121.jpg590k
painting p124.jpg997k
painting p125.jpg960k
painting p126.jpg624k
painting p128.jpg557k
painting p129.jpg308k
painting p130.jpg753k
painting p132.jpg597k
painting p135.jpg960k